Going above and Beyond!


Mark and Carol emailed me a couple of weeks ago and asked of they could do some repairs to the roof at Skyline and I said sure, They spent 4.5 hrs and repaired 30 leaks and put a temp roof on the restroom. Mark and Carol went above and beyond the call to duty.


From all of us at the MHSC we would like to thank you for a job well done.


Todd Call

President -MHSC

Carol and I were able to patch about 30 holes in the warming hut. We put in ~ 4.5 hours on the warming hut. I’ve attached a couple of photos to show the work done. Most of the time was moving the ladders around so I could stay on the roof. It was super slick up there with the moss and needles. Safety first is our motto. We added shingles to the left side as shown in the next photos. I tried to match up to the existing few shingles that were there, but Carol and I decided it didn’t look right. So I removed the few shingles on the left side, and used them to fill in on the right side. If you guys would like, I have enough shingles left over to swap out the right side so it matches. If it looks okay to you folks, that is fine also.


While we were there, the north wind came up. This caused quite a racket down at the restroom. I took a look and found that the plywood was loose in multiple areas and flexing quite a bit. In the meeting last month you mentioned it had to last a couple of years. So yesterday, I went up and worked on it to get it into better shape.   ~ 2 hours later and as you’ll see, I believe it’s in much better shape now. The bow in the roof between the first and second roof joists can also be fixed fairly easily, but I didn’t want to make any structural changes without consulting you folks first. We can shim up the second joist to get rid of the bow. The shingles were left over from my carport addition. I had the materials around except for the 2 pieces of galvanized edging and some felt which I’m donating to help keep things in shape.

I’ve never been to the Warm Springs warming hut. If it needs some maintenance, I’ll gladly go out and work on it.   We could get a work party to work on it, and fix the joist on the restroom at the same time.


WS Window
WS Window Details
WS Roof Done 2
WS Roof Done 2 Details
WS Roof Done
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Roof Done 2
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Roof Done
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Roof Going On
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The Boss Directing
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On the roof Working
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