What a great day on the snow and just seeing how fast things really do go.  We did find that the stock sled were running about 5 MPH faster than what the Radar Gun would clock them at.  Here are the standings and stats and pictures from the day.  See you all next year and as you can see, the women's class could use some more drivers.  See you all next year.

Women's 600 
Anne 72/68

Women's 800
Anne 77
Sandra 63/66
Dawn 63

Men's 600
Mike 65/64
Bruce 65/63
Greg 63/63
Larry 66
Kolin 74
TJ 51
Roger 72

Men's 800
John 79/79/81
Kirk 80/79/79/81
TJ 71
Randy 69/69/78/79/82/71
AJ 72/78
David 77/75
Jim 63/74/80
Kolin 83
Jeremy 72/75

Men's Open/Mod
John C 79/79/79/89/86/91/91
Chad 88/92/89/92/92
Dwight 86/78/76/79
John S 82
Jim 92

Come join the club on the mountain for the first in a long, long, long time for a single lane radar run. Come see how fast you and your sled really are and come beat your buddy and maybe even your local dealer.

Mt. Hood Snowmobile Club is an equal opportunity recreation provider operating under special use permit on the Mt. Hood National Forest, USDA Forest Service.